ACE Bakery

Table Bread & Basket Solutions

Impress guests with these appealing artisanal dinner rolls.

  • Swiss Mini Oval Small Image

    Swiss Mini Oval
    A beautifully soft interior. Perfect for dipping in soup and picking up the extra (delicious) juices off your plate.
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  • 16-Roll Cluster  Small Image

    16-Roll Cluster
    This great tear-apart bread recipe calls for two aged starters, providing a rich, unrivaled flavour. Bite into a soft, yet chewy and flavourful dinner roll.
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  • Rosemary Focaccia Pull-Apart  Small Image

    Rosemary Focaccia Pull-Apart
    How can you resist the delectable aroma of earthy rosemary? The unique bouquet shape will delight guests and complement any table setting. This pull-apart bread is perfect for sharing! Serve as is or replace the middle with your winning dip for a fun appetizer.
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  • Mini Rosemary Focaccia Pull-Apart Small Image

    Mini Rosemary Focaccia Pull-Apart
    How can you resist the delectable aroma of earthy rosemary? The unique bouquet pull-apart shape will delight guests and complement any table setting. A superb choice for breadbaskets or to accompany any dish. Caution: a popular item.
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  • Ciabatta Cluster  Small Image

    Ciabatta Cluster
    Our classic Ciabatta dough is exceptionally light with a moist, airy interior and a crispy crust dusted with flour. Available in a unique pull-apart shape. Tear off a piece and you’ve got a perfect accompaniment to soups and salads or for dipping in olive oil. Also available in a multigrain version.
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  • Multigrain Ciabatta Cluster  Small Image

    Multigrain Ciabatta Cluster
    Our Multigrain Ciabatta dough in a unique cluster shape. Packed with whole grains and seeds. Tear off a roll or great as four mini sandwiches. Offered in a white version, as well.
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  • White Dinner Roll Small Image

    White Dinner Roll
    Golden crisp crust with a light, airy interior. A mini roll, but a mighty one in taste!
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  • Multigrain Dinner Roll  Small Image

    Multigrain Dinner Roll
    The Multigrain Roll has a soft interior with a nutty flavour and is filled with nourishing whole grains, wholesome seeds, and a touch of honey for sweetness. Lovely served with fresh whipped butter.
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  • Multipack Dinner Rolls Small Image

    Multipack Dinner Rolls
    Impress your guests with remarkable artisan dinner rolls. The selection includes White Petit Pain, Multigrain Petite Baguette and Olive Petit Pain.
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  • White Petite Baguette  Small Image

    White Petite Baguette
    A miniature version of our signature French baguette. Have your own baguette for your meal. Splendid.
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