ACE Bakery


Classic artisan baguettes, with a crisp crust and moist, airy interior.

  • White Baguette Small Image

    White Baguette
    Our signature product. Traditional French white baguette with a creamy and fully developed flavor and perfectly crisp golden crust. Always a favorite at any meal. Great for an appetizer base or alongside your main.
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  • Ciabatta Lunga Small Image

    Ciabatta Lunga
    Our classic Ciabatta dough is exceptionally light with a moist, airy interior and a crispy crust dusted with flour. The Lunga, our longest Ciabatta loaf, is versatile for all occasions from sandwiches to table bread.
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  • Multigrain Ciabatta Small Image

    Multigrain Ciabatta
    Hearty and wholesome, packed with whole grains and seeds. Excellent filled with tuna or chicken salad, or as an accompaniment to soups.
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