We've Got BUNS to BRAG About!

April 4, 2024

ACE Bakery®, the artisan bakers responsible for some of the best sandwich carriers and table breads in the market, is flipping the script with a sizzling introduction – an impressive new range of artisan burger buns which redefine restaurant-quality. Boasting a high glossy crown, soft texture, and clean flavor, each bun is crafted with the same natural starters, slow fermentation process, and simple ingredients that ACE Bakery® is known for. In addition to two sizes of classic bun, the portfolio includes trending varieties brioche and potato, plus an eye-catching black and white sesame bun sure to elevate your culinary creations.

Buns to Brag About

ACE Bakery’s® new portfolio features classic and trending varieties, including:

  • 5” Classic Burger Bun – Light and flavorful, with a soft, golden crust and a tender interior.
  • 4” Classic Burger Bun – Soft and flavorful artisan bun crafted with superior ingredients, creating the perfect golden crown and resiliency.
  • 4” Black & White Sesame Burger Bun – A familiar flavor with a high-impact plate presence, this bun is topped with white and black sesame seeds for an elevated experience.
  • 4” Brioche Bun – Rich flavor and made with real eggs and butter. Brioche is projected to grow by 17% over the next four years, according to Datassential Burgers Report, June 2023.
  • 4” Potato Bun – Light and airy, featuring a subtle sweetness, clean flavor profile, and pillowy interior.
  • Classic Sliders Bun – A rustic, soft bun with a light, fluffy interior and exceptional flavor.

Redefining the Burger Experience

ACE Bakery’s® bold new burger bun portfolio is no accident – it’s the result of months’ worth of research and testing aimed at delivering the most mouthwatering, crave-worthy, and resilient buns on the market. Not only is ACE® setting a new benchmark for flavor, texture, and visual appeal, but improved resiliency means these buns hold up to the sauciest, juiciest, messiest burgers – even through delivery. Plus, fine-tuned bun sizing and a three-day ambient shelf life makes it more convenient than ever to thaw, serve, and impress your guests.

“Let’s face it, burgers are a universal passion! Every chef has their own signature version and a craveable burger keeps guests coming back over and over. What we set out to do was craft a line of quality artisan buns to inspire chefs and give them a bun worth bragging about!” said Sabrina Tessier of ACE®. “A premium bun elevates the entire burger build and offers immediate visual differentiation, much more cost-effectively than switching to a more expensive protein. This allows operators to drive guest value while optimizing food costs.”

Given that some 50 million hamburgers and cheeseburgers are consumed annually in American fast-food outlets alone, the competition among operators for the perfect burger is greater than ever. And those in the know have long understood that one key to winning the burger battle is placing that burger in the perfect bun.

Why Choose ACE Bakery® Buns?

Forget what you knew, these buns are not just a base – they’re the co-stars of your next culinary hit.

  • Artisan Quality: Elevate your menu with buns that reflect the craftsmanship and care of traditional baking.
  • Competitive Edge: In a market where differentiation is key, ACE® buns offer a new level of culinary sophistication.
  • Cost-Effective Excellence: Enhance your offerings with premium buns that elevate the dining experience without compromising your budget.

With ACE’s® premium-quality burger buns, operators will serve an experience their customers will not forget. ACE Bakery’s® artisan buns not only elevate burgers but also grow an operator’s reputation as a purveyor of culinary excellence. And that is something to brag about!

ACE Bakery® Foodservice Burger Buns as a BW Sesame Ramen Burger. A white background setting with plates and one dipped sauce on the side.