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Baked to Perfection and Committed to Simplicity.

Did you know?

"66% say they love creative twists on breakfast menu items"

Enhance your guest’s experience with artisan quality, variety and leveled up flavors.

– Datassential Snap, 2020

84% of consumers also say they love or like burgers, putting burgers in the top 10 most-loved foods in the country.

– Datassential Snap, 2020

Bread is trending towards specialty and artisanal options. Consumers desire unique flavors and high quality ingredients, and are willing to pay a premium for these options.

– Bread Trends for 2023, BBM Magazine, 2023

Your bun's resiliency is super important as off-premise orders represent 72% of total restaurant traffic.

– NPD. U.S. Restaurant Industry Continues to Recover Pandemic-Related Visit Losses. April 5, 2023